Introduction to this site

Was Michael Jackson guilty or innocent of the child abuse allegations against him? People have debated this question back and forth for many years and it has been a strangely divisive issue. “Well, he slept in bed with children, but on the other hand he didn’t have a childhood.” “Yes, he was a bit eccentric but that doesn’t make him a pedophile.”, “What parents would take money if someone molested their son?”, “Wasn’t he found innocent in the court of law?”

Michael Jackson has had public child sexual abuse allegations against him since the early 90s, and new ones every decade after. Even after his death new allegations have been made. Still the ambiguity has lingered and some people seem drawn to the idea that they were all false allegations. Even after the revealing and damning documentary “Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and me” which probably should have brought conclusions to the matter… this is not the case.

This site is dedicated to settle the debate once and for all. To show the most revealing evidence, and to rebut the most common myths about Michael Jackson’s accusers, and point you to the best sources otherwise.

Short story:
Nobody wished it to be true, but sadly yes, Michael Jackson was guilty of the child molestation allegations against him.

How do we know…? Want to know more…? Read on.

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