Other Allegations

Terry George

Terry George is an interesting and very early allegation as his story predates Jordy Chandler by several years, which is problematic for Michael Jackson’s defenders who sometimes like to portray the Chandlers as the “root” and “originator” of all the later allegations. Terry George is an earlier allegation to poke hole in that theory.

Another interesting bit of information is that when the stories and interviews with Terry George were released in the media he didn’t want any money for it, and he never sued Jackson either, which pokes hole in yet another myth. The one that all the allegations is only about money. 

What happened with Terry George? 
Michael Jackson was very young himself, only 17 years old, when he met Terry, but showed great interest in little 13 year old Terry who had knocked on his hotel room. Terry George asked politely for an interview. Jackson granted him that. Terry asked what Michael liked, and Michael replied «I like kids». They exchanged phone numbers and started having long phone conversations afterwards. Mostly about innocent things, but at one point Terry was quite shocked when Michael suddenly started to talk about masturbation. He said he himself was doing it at that moment, and what happened from there was an attempt by Jackson to have “phone sex” with the underage boy.

Terry has since explained he didn’t really feel abused or molested, but did admit to feeling very awkward. He was also concerned he had disappointed Jackson in not responding the way he perhaps hoped Terry would. Terry George says he has forgiven Jackson but still says what Michael Jackson did was wrong. 

“He knew that I wasn’t happy with what he had done and that I felt uncomfortable about it.” ~ Terry George

Wether Terry George was «sexually molested” or not depends a little bit on how you define sexual abuse, judge for yourself, but either way it indicates once again Michael Jackson’s sexual interest in an underage boy.  
Here’s a clip with Terry George from the documentary «Michael Jackson’s Secret World» (2005).

Jason Francia

“I usually cry when talking about the molestation.» ~ Jason Francia

Jason Francia is the second boy who came forward with a story about how Michael Jackson molested him in the early 90s, and the second accusation that lead to a multi million dollar settlement. However, what happened to him seemed to have been quite secret until the molestation 2005 trial when information was leaked and Francia also testified.

According to Jason Francia the sexual abuse happened three times, but it was a gradual process where Michael Jackson started with tickling, but it would end up by the third time to fondle Francia’s crotch and testicles inside his shorts. Jason was only 7 or 8 years old the first time he met Michael Jackson. They were watching cartoons together while it happened. Jason was given a hundred dollar bill, which Michael told him to hide from his mother. She found it.

The mother wasn’t just anyone. It was Blanca Francia the personal maid of Jackson, who knew about and were concerned of Jackson’s relation to other underage boys and understood to keep her son away from Neverland, so she luckily stopped taking Jason to work before it escalated. Still, even if it stopped before things got bad Jason says he found the experience very traumatic and he went to counseling for several years. When Blanca stopped taking her son to Neverland she says Michael would complain to her because he wanted to play with Jason. 

Jason Francia testified at the 2005 trial. Reading his testimony is painful because its very clear he didn’t want to be there and also had some problems expressing himself (possibly because of the pressure and the shame).

There was a civil trial planned according to Jason Francia’s lawyer Kris Kallman, but the settlement stopped it. Jason Francia got a settlement reported to be somewhere around 1 and 4 million dollars.

In an interview with Dan Reed he revealed he had met a third person when preparing his documentary Leaving Neverland but who didn’t want to appear in the documentary. In another interview it was revealed to be Jason Francia he had talked to. 

Testimony by Jason Francia and his lawyer Kris Kallman from 2005 trial can be found here.

Michael Jacobshagen

In 2019 another accuser came forward after Leaving Neverland made some waves.

Michael Jacobshagen used to be a defender and younger friend of Michael Jackson, but has now come forward and admitted Michael Jackson did engage in inappropriate behavior with him and felt he wouldn’t keep it a secret any longer. He says he was just 12 years old when he got to meet up with Michael Jackson in Paris. Jacobshagen was big fan of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson would hug him and say «Ich liebe dich», which is german for «I love you». Michael would then invite him to spend the whole day with him and some other german boys. 

Later Michael Jackson would send letters to Michaen Jacobshagen, full of «I love you», «to my rubba rubba friend» and requests to see him again. Jacobshagen said that over the span of their friendship there were sent between 30 to 35 of these love-like letters to him and he has showed many of them in a documentary for Sunday Night Channel 7 Australia. 

Jacobshagen was later invited to be his «special friend» on his HIStory Tour, where sleepovers alone in Jackson’s bedroom occurred. They would watch Disney’s “Peter Pan» in bed together numerous times, and Jackson would start spooning him and holding his arms around him at nights. He also started kissing on Jacobshagen’s head and got more and more physical. Then Jackson invited him into a jacuzzi and stripped completely naked in front of the boy and encouraged Jacobshagen to do the same, but the young boy didn’t want to. It didn’t go much further, but Jacobshagen would also show a book Michael supposedly gave to him. The old book «The Boy: A Photographic Essay», a book infamous to be “legal child erotica» presented as an “art book”. It was made by two convicted child molesters with connections with NAMBLA and is today a rare and prized collectors item for pedophiles (because it’s legal to own). Why Michael Jackson would want to give this book to Jacobshagen as a gift is very odd. 

Unfortunately for Jacobshagen’s general credibility, there was a previous german TV program (subsequently subtitled and released by the MJ fan community) that implies Jacobshagen was selling Michael Jackson memorabilia (posters, vinyls, etc) with forged Michael Jackson signatures. We’re not sure what to believe about those claims, but the letters he got from Michael Jackson was confirmed by Bart Baggett a forensic expert to be from Michael Jackson with a 100% certainty. His whole story was presented in a program for Sunday Night Channel 7 Australia. 

Jacobshagen is also notable in the sense that he has expressed he is not interested in Michael Jackson or the estate’s money. He came out with his story with no monetary interest, which makes at least 3 allegations not about money (Gavin Arvizo, Terry George and now Michael Jacobshagen) 

Whats the documentary “What Really Happened Behind The Gates Of Neverland” (2019) for the story of Michael Jacobshagen.

Star Arvizo

While it seems like Michael Jackson was more interested in his older brother Gavin, the younger brother Star did reveal to the police an episode where Michael Jackson fondled him or at least touched him inappropriately. On a trip with the golf cart from the Neverland theater to the main building when Star was driving the golf cart alone with Jackson he noticed a hand around his thigh. As the tour went on the hand moved closer and closer down to his crotch. All this would also happen at a point when they were driving outside the lampposts, so it was quite dark. Michael Jackson would remove his hands when they arrived at their destination. It never went beyond that. The Santa Barbara police didn’t seem to consider it sexual abuse at the 2005 trial, but it’s still more than nothing.

Star also got the suspicious nickname «Blow Hole» by Jackson, which may or may not be innocent. Star was also given alcohol (“Jesus juice») and shown pornography by Michael Jackson just like Gavin. Star he also claimed to witness his brother being molested by Michael Jackson two or three times.

“Jane Doe” (Anonymous female accuser)

In 2016 it was announced that another accuser had come forward and had filed a complaint. The lawyers of James Safechuck and Wade Robson announced another accuser had come forward. Surprisingly to everyone it was a female accuser. Since all other accusers of Jackson so far has been boys even people who thought Michael Jackson was guilty seemed confused that a girl had come forward. She was also anonymous. The only thing released was the picture above.

Jane Doe said she had been sexually abused for several years since 1986 from she was just 12 years old. She and her family had stopped by the famous Hayvenhurst mansion (where the Jackson family lived, including Michael himself at the time). Jane Doe and her mother was to their surprise invited inside and got to meet Michael Jackson. Michael asked for their phone number. In similar style as the other allegations Jane Doe would get hour long phone calls, and Michael would also call her mother for hours. It would lead to a bond of trust from the parents where Jane Doe eventually would have many sleepovers with Michael Jackson. She said the abuse by Jackson included french kissing, oral copulation and an attempted but failed vaginal penetration leading her to bleed. 

Jane Doe described herself as a «tomboy» when she was a kid, someone who sometimes was confused as a boy. Her profile was kept anonymous most likely due to fear. She says she was abused in hotel rooms, at Hayvenhurst, on the set of the Moonwalker movie and at Jackson secret condo «The Hideout». She says she has since endured nervous breakdowns, extreme stress, trauma and loss of life quality as a consequence of her sexual abuse. 

As proof for her allegations she would provide a series of love letters by Michael Jackson, many of them sounding like he had an obsession with her. She also provided receipts of large checks sent to her from Michael over the years even after the abuse and after their contact stopped which she explained was to keep her quiet from coming forward. These checks would get larger and larger every year. In total all the checks she received from Michael Jackson would be totaled in around 900.000$. 

For people seeking to defend Michael Jackson they have to give an alternative explanation why Michael Jackson would send checks to her under the label «gift». Could he really be such a generous guy that he would send checks 100.000$ to a past friend out of the blue for no good reason? 

Unfortunately Jane Doe retracted her complaint and she’s no longer suing. The reason why is unknown.

Love letters and receipts for checks sent to Jane Doe.
Jane Doe’s complaint.