“MJ was guilty”-resources


MJfacts has been around for many years and has a large archive of articles and research. It has been a very influential source for many people who wants to know about the Michael Jackson allegation and why he was guilty. 

A website with collection of children Michael Jackson hung around with a lot through his life. Elaborate researched articles with a lot of information and pictures often portraying suspicious behavior, although it’s important to note the site does not argue he molested all of these children.  

A relatively new site from an author who claims to have studied the Michael Jackson allegations for 10 years. It has several investigative articles debunking myths spread by Michael Jacksons fans.

Mike Par has been arguing for Michael Jackson’s guilt for many years on social media and taken a lot of abuse by the fan community. First as «Wade Robson’s Ally’s», then as “MJvictims”. He sometimes holds long audio broadcasts among other things arguing why MJ was guilty. Has also appeared several times on The Opperman Report, which are recommended to check out. 

Ray Chandler’s old site. 
Around the second trial around 2005 Ray Chandler (Jordan Chandlers uncle) when releasing his book “All That Glitters» he also launched a website with a lot of additional information, debunking myths and releasing documents. For example rebuttals of popular fan favorites by Geraldine Hughes and Mary Fischer. Site is now down but can be reached through archive.org.


BBC : The Real Michael Jackson – 2 parts (2020)
Jacques Peretti makes a two part documentary exploring the question if Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Includes Michael Jackson’s biographer Randy Taraborrelli, Ron Zonen, Tom Meserau and others.

60 Minutes Australia : “Michael Jackson – What the Maid Saw” (2019)
Michael Jackson’s former personal maid Adrian McManus is interviewed in length about her experience working for Michael Jackson and what she remembers from Neverland is not all good memories. Tom Mesereau is also in it commenting on the newer allegations from Wade Robson and James Safechuck.  

Sunday Night Channel 7 Australia: “What Really Happened Behind The Gates Of Neverland” (2019)
Documentary on what happened between the gates of Neverland. It includes new interviews Melanie Bagnall, Diane Dimond, Marcus Jacobshagen, La Toya Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Conrad Murray and Ron Zonen. Made for Australian TV.

Leaving Neverland (2019)
Now famous documentary with accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck that debuted at Sundance and made a lot of waves. In 2 parts and a long and detailed process, but essential to watch before commenting on Robson and Safechuck. 

Rich And Acquitted: Michael Jackson (2016)
Rich And Acquitted was a show portraying people who were rich, perhaps guilty but acquitted. There was an episode with Michael Jackson and why Jackson was acquitted in 2005. Recommended. 

What Really Happened (2007) 
After the 2005 trial Jacques Peretti made a documentary trying to collect the pieces of the Jackson saga, and promised to show what happened. Recommended.

Michael Jackson’s Secret World (2005)
Martin Bashir’s second documentary with Michael Jackson where a lot of Jacksons relation with young boys and families is portrayed. (Has been uploaded on youtube under the name «Michael Jackson’s Pedophile World».)

Michael Jackson Boys (2005)
Another cut of Michael Jackson’s Secret World for UK television. 

The Boy He Paid Off (2004)
BBC Documentary about the 1993 accuser Jordan Chandler. Quite balanced as it shows most people from both sides of the argument. Recommended.

The Michael Jackson Case (2003)
A documentary that dealt mostly about the 1993 case, although made in relation with (then) recent 2003 allegations. 

Living With Michael Jackson (2003)
Martin Bashir was allowed to follow Michael Jackson around for a year to do a documentary on him. It ended in a storm of controversy due to Jackson defending sharing bed with children and for holding his new born child over a balcony to show his fans. 


Most of these books has rather low scores on Amazon and other bookstores due to fans downvoting them on principle. They’re often not even pretending they have actually read them. 

Stacy Brown – Celebrity Trials: Legacies Lost, Lives Shattered, So What’s the Real Truth? (2019)
Book about three famous celebrity trials. OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson section Stacy Browns personal anecdotes knowing the Jackson family, Bob Jones story working with Michael Jackson for 32 years as a PR manager and at last interesting remains from the unpublished book by Ellie Cook, one of the jurors in the 2005 trial who thought Michael Jackson was guilty but said she was pressured to vote innocent. 

Darwin Porter – Jacko: His The Rise And Fall (2009)
Biography of Michael Jackson that goes through his life from being a child to his tragical death in 2009. Cleverly written, at times hysterically funny and full of information you may not have heard before. Goes through Michael Jackson’s whole life. A lot of gossip that may or may not be true (actually a lot thats probably not) but highly entertaining. 

Diane Dimond – Be Careful Who You Love (2005) / (2019)
A big part of Diane Dimond’s career seems to be connected with the Jackson allegations. Dimond was the first person to report the reasons why Michael Jackson’s Neverland first raided by the police in 1993, and as a news anchor she was a reporting for Hard Copy in the 90s about what she saw as Jacksons criminal activities. She worked for CourtTV under the 2005 trial. She’s also been writing a number of articles, and also wrote this book after Jackson had been acquitted. The book was also “updated” with four new chapters in 2019. 

Bob Jones (& Stacy Brown) – The Man Behind The Mask: The Insiders Story Of The King Of Pop (2005)
After working for 32 years with Michael Jackson as his loyal PR-manager Bob Jones was suddenly fired by a note. Jones explained after he had been critical of Jackson hanging around too much with little boys and giving Michael some «bad news» about what people were writing about him. Michael didn’t like hearing bad news and one way to get rid of it was to fire the messenger Bob Jones. As a response Bob Jones wrote a book telling people what things looked like behind the scene working with Michael Jackson. While Jackson’s defenders will label Jones as a «disgruntled employee» some of the information in this book is very credible and shocking. It was co-written by Stacy Brown who is also known for writing many critical articles of Jackson himself over the years. 

Ray Chandler – All That Glitters (2004)
To hear the side of the Chandlers story was for a long time difficult due to the settlement between both parents and Jordan and Michael Jackson, making both parties silenced by law. This deal did not include Ray Chandler the uncle of Jordan Chandler and the brother of Evan Chandler. Ray was there through the whole ordeal and the book is highly recommended to understand what went down in 1993. 

Victor Guitierez – Michael Jackson Was My Lover (1996)
This is not a book we recommend due to its pro-man/boy-relationship stance from the author, but it has become an important part of the Jackson saga for 3 reasons: 
– Victor Guitierez as an investigator had actual connections with many people involved with the cases, and was even sued by Michael Jackson himself. (Not for this book, but for claims of a videotape of Jackson molesting a child which he couldn’t produce.) 
– Recently seems like Jackson defenders have constructed a bizarre conspiracy theory that Guitierez is behind all the allegations. 
– While arguably quite salacious and sensational in its nature its also full of details, interviews, documents, pictures and research hard to ignore, although parts of the book probably should be taken with a grain of salt. (Like him claiming to quote from a diary of Jordan Chandler.)

Christopher Andersen – Michael Jackson Unauthorized (1994)
Journalist Christopher Anderson started an investigation of Michael Jackson after the raids and interviewed hundreds of people that had anything to do with Michael Jackson. He covers the child molestation accusation as well in this highly unauthorized biography of Michael Jackson.

Articles and other stuff

Maureen Orth
Maureen Orth never wrote an actual book about Jackson, but her investigative articles over many years and presence on TV commentary has been as influential as many of the books. Essential reading.  

The Opperman Report
Ed Opperman is a veteran private investigator who actually claims he heard about a case before the Chandler allegations that never hit the public. He’s not shy about thinking Jackson was guilty. Has done several episodes and and shows on the Michael Jackson allegations with Diane Dimond and several ones with Mike Par (from MJVictims). He also did one with Aphrodite Jones on.

Leaving Neverland & Dan Reed interviews

Video and Audio
BBC Interview with Dan Reed (35 minutes), February 25th 2019
Dan Reed on CBS Morning, February 26th 2019
BBC News Interview with Wade, James and Dan Reed, March 1st 2019
The Business Interview with Dan Reed (Audio, from 07:20), March 1st 2019
Dan Reed on Today Show, March 1st 2019
Billboard.com Interview with Dan Reed, March 2 2019
Dan Reed on E! News, March 3rd 2019
Newstalk Interview with Dan Reed (Audio), March 4th 2019
Dan Reed on Channel 5, March 2019
Dan Reed on Q1043 New York, March 4th 2019
Sunday Morning Interview with Dan Reed (Audio), March 10th 2019
Dan Reed on Hit Network, March 12 2019
2DayFM Interview with Dan Reed (Audio), Mars 13th
The High Low Podcast Interview with Dan Reed (from 47:20), 20th March 2019
Dan Reed on Sunrise, 27th March 2019
Dan Reed on GoldDerby, May 2019
Dan Reed on french TV (subtitled by fan) – Debate with Dan Reed for 40 minutes. Reed is challenged by an MJ fan. 


Rolling Stones Interview with Dan Reed, January 29th 2019
Huffington Post Interview with Dan Reed, February 17th 2019
VICE Interview with Dan Reed, February 19th 2019
Sunday Times Interview with Dan Reed, February 24th 2019 (behind paywall)
Independent.co.uk Interview with Dan Reed, February 25rh 2019
BBC Interview with Dan Reed, February 25th 2019
Channel 4 Interview with Dan Reed, February 25th 2019
Jezebel Interview with Dan Reed, February 28th 2019
Upprox Interview with Dan Reed, February 28th
Business Insider Interview with Dan Reed, March 3th 2019
Slate.com Interview with Dan Reed, March 4th 2019
Queerty Interview with Dan Reed, March 4th 2019
Telegraph.co.uk interview with Dan Reed, March 4th 2019 (behind paywall)
NME Interview with Dan Reed, March 6th 2019
Deadline.com Interview with Dan Reed, May 23th 2019
Awardsdaily Interview Dan Reed, 16t July 2019
Indiewire Interview with Dan Reed, August 6th 2019

“I’m shocked by those who still won’t accept Michael Jackson as abuser”
Essay written by Dan Reed for The Guardian, March 10, 2019
‘Michael Jackson groomed young boys — and their mothers’
Essay written by Dan Reed for radiotimes.com, March 8th, 2019

2005 Trial related

Tom Sneddon and sherrif Jim Thomas of Santa Maria held a press conference – November 19 2003.
D.A Tom Sneddon announces the arrest of Michael Jackson. Santa Maria, California – December 18, 2003

Prosecutor Ron Zonen on Weezy and The Swish: Episode 014
Podcast by Louise Palanker who was witness in the 2005 case, and friend of the accusing family. This episode is a great interview with Ron Zonen not too long after the Michael Jackson trial in 2005 was over. They also have another episode with Diane Dimond. Recommended.

Ron Zonen interview, April 27th 2011
Discusses Gavin Arvizo and Michael Jackson.

Frozen In Time, Seminar about the 2005 Trial
Part 1: https://youtu.be/xbZNhi7UHog
Part 2: https://youtu.be/2ZFKp_VgU30
Ron Zonen, Tom Mesereau, Larry Feldman and others relevant to the case holds speeches. 

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