About this site

Why does this site exist?

Welcome!  This site was made as an easy to browse resource for anyone confused about what to think about the Michael Jackson allegations. We’ve tried to outline some of the best reasons there is to think he was guilty. It was made to defend his accusers who gets a lot of unfair abuse online, and to reply to the common myths connected to the allegations. We’re not really hiding we think he was guilty of course, so you have to look for other places to see the other side of the argument. Thats why we made a page with everything Michael Jackson said himself through the allegations as well as a “Why MJ was innocent”-page over people and resources.

We think there’s a vast amount of misinformation from Michael Jackson fan communities and its enough. It’s actually been three decades with controversy. Our goal, although a little too ambitious, is to serve some much needed clarity on certain issues and perhaps settle the debate. 

Is there any “hard evidence” of his guilt? A smoking gun?

Hard evidence of child sex abuse in legal terms usually means photos or videos of a sex offender in the act. This is quite rare in any case of child molestation (or other sex crimes). The other thing that could be considered hard evidence is sperm/DNA from the abuser found on the victim. This is also rare as victims often don’t (normally) come forward immediately. Hard evidence therefore usually is rare, but that doesn’t mean its just “word against word” and a 50/50 chance.
When looking at the child sexual allegations of Jackson its typical one have to look to at circumstantial evidence to showcase Jackson’s guilt and what we try to demonstrate with this site. We think there’s enough of that to conclude Michael Jackson was guilty, but judge for yourself. 

Were any of the sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson false?

Yes, there are some. We think Daniel Kapon and Joseph Bartucci Jr. who both accused Michael Jackson of molestation were false allegations. The Kapon allegation was revealed to be fake by the Santa Barbara police themselves before getting anywhere though, and reported by Diane Dimond on Hard Copy, so its important to not give credit to Jacksons defenders for this one (even if they use it for what its worth). 

Joseph Bartucci Jr. is an extremely bizarre allegation, which not only includes forced violent sexual abuse, but that he was kidnapped for a whole week inside Michael’s Jackson’s limo driving him through the country raping and torturing him. Bartucci claims Jackson “cut him with a razor blade, punctured his chest with steel wire, and forced him to consume “mood altering substances.» Bartucci says it happened back in 1984, but had repressed all memories of it until he remembered it all again in 2003. It all sounds a bit too strange for us. It should be said there are people who believe Bartucci too, and there even was a trial. Michael Jackson nor his lawyers appeared and were fined 10.000$. You can read Bartucci’s complaint here and judge for yourself, or check out his old blog.

Are you trying to destroy Michael Jackson’s legacy?

There is no interest in destroying Michael Jackson’s artistic legacy. Our motivation is mainly for his victims to be believed as we believe they are telling the truth, and have been treated horribly for it over the years. Thats not fair.

We are not trying to take away anything from his musical and artistic achievements, nor his humanitarian efforts, and we realize he was a complex man with many sides. We have no interest in #mute campaigns, cancel culture or similar. We don’t support harassment of his children. We don’t support harassment of the Jackson family. Hate never solves much. We don’t mind if Jackson continues to sell records and gets airplay, but if his sales and airplay slowed down as a consequence of more and more people believing his victims then que sera sera

Is this site made to cover up the allegations to Harvey Weinstein?


For “normal people” this might sound like a joke to even address, but Michael Jackson’s fan community believes in a bizarre conspiracy theory that the allegations against Michael Jackson was made to distract or cover up the rape allegations of Harvey Weinstein (or Jeffrey Epstein).

It makes little sense, but it possibly stems from the fact Oprah Winfrey believed Michael Jackson’s accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck and dedicated a whole show to them (“After Neverland”), while there exist pictures of her and Harvey Weinstein together and rumors they at least used to be friends, and from there Michael Jackson fans made an elaborate conspiracy theory the Hollywood elite are covering up for “real” rapists or child sexual abusers by using Michael Jackson as a scapegoat.

For what its worth the makers of this site believe Weinstein is likely guilty, and there’s no intention of covering up for him or anyone else. This site was made to prove Michael Jackson was guilty, and right or wrong – thats all.

Who are you? How can I contact you?

Someone who has studied the allegations closely for many years. 
E-mail: whymjwasguilty@gmail.com
Twitter: WhyMJWasGuilty