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Could this site be completely wrong and Michael Jackson was really misunderstood and innocent all along? Everyone below would say yes. Despite the documentary Leaving Neverland having had some effect on what most people think, there’s still a lot of people who believe Michael Jackson is innocent. We’re not a fan of the way these sites, books and documentaries treat the accusers, but at the same time we do want everyone to look at both sides of this debate.


There’s so many sites dedicated to vindicate Jackson from the child abuse allegations over the years it’s difficult to list them all, but we’ve made an attempt the more notable ones. 

Arguably the best researched of the pro-Jackson websites, and seems like the “go-to” source for many fans and defenders. Very dedicated site. Right before Leaving Neverland was announced they also made a youtube channel with a documentary on Wade Robson called «Michael Jackson and Wade Robson: The Real Story» which was spread on social media and online publications and got over 2 million views. 

Ever seen a logo of Michael Jackson’s with a «Innocent» sign over his mouth with «Facts don’t lie. People do.» under it? This is its origins. The site was launched before Leaving Neverland documentary was released to the public, trying to combat the effects of the documentary they understood were coming. They were also responsible for a bus campaign in London. They also have flyers in different languages they urge people to print out. 

Quite an active and ambitious group of people running this website. Their big project is to prove Michael Jackson innocent once and for all. We wish them good luck on that project. They also have a youtube channel and has regular streams.

One of the bigger «pro-innocence” sites where a Russian woman has written mile long posts defending Michael Jackson for many years to vindicate Michael Jackson. The posts can be a bit lengthy and rambly to read, but they’re quite investigative. 

A Michael Jackson site focusing on rebutting the Leaving Neverland documentary and any other news to defend Michael Jackson. Also quite active on twitter. 

The other Vindication 2.0 site that was active for many years, but has slowed down in later years. 

DailyMichael that has kept news on lawsuits around Michael Jackson. Covers a lot of the lawsuits surrounding Michael Jackson, and has some legal papers and such. 

The opposite of this site it seems? Not much on here.

Here’s some others:


Taj Jacksons “Untitled Documentary Series” (2019? 2020?)
After Leaving Neverland came out Michael Jacksons nephew Taj Jackson put up a GoFundMe. His goal is to make a documentary (or a series of episodes) that showcases all of the allegations and prove them false once and for all. He’s interviewing supposedly 30-40 people to attempt this.. so it will be interesting.

Square One (2019)
Documentary by Danny Wu which focuses on the 1993 allegations with Jordan Chandler. Features Taj Jackson, Geraldine Hughes and Josephine Zony. Trailer

Lies Of Leaving Neverland (2019)
Documentary meant to showcase lies and inconsistencies said in Leaving Neverland by Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Shows not seen before footage from Wade Robsons and his mothers depositions in 2016.

Chase The Truth (2019)
Documentary by Jacksons bodyguard Matt Fiddles with the goal of rebutting Leaving Neverland and show Michael Jackson as an innocent guy. With Mike Smallcombe, Matt Fiddles and Mark Lester.

Living With Michael Jackson’s Take 2 : The Footage You Were Never Meant To See (2005) + Michael Jacksons Private Home Movies (2005)
Directed by Marc Schaffel. Both of these documentaries were made very quickly to combat the chaos that the Martin Bashir documentary caused when it aired. «Take 2» is a direct rebuttal of the controversial material in Bashir’s documentary. It has Maury Povich as a host wandering around in Neverland. “Private Home Movies” is a release of Jackson’s own footage taken at Neverland where he hangs around with children possibly with the motivation of showing its all innocent. Michael himself is a host of the documentary serving commentary along the way. 

Larry Nimmer – Michael Jackson: The Untold Story Of Neverland (2010)
A Case For Innocence (Updated in 2019)

Larry Nimmer was a defense witness in 2005 for Michael Jackson after being a camera man. He later made a documentary which deals a lot with the 2005 allegations by the Arvizo family. “A Case For Innocence» seems to be an updated version of the documentary due to the later allegations by Wade Robson and James Safechuck. 

Michael Jackson: The Life Of An Icon (2011) (Directed by: David Gest / Andrew Eastel) Documentary covering the whole life and musical career of Michael Jackson. Includes section about the allegations where Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu make comments. 

Michael Jackson: Unmasked (2009)
Briefly mentions the allegations. 

The Trial And Triumph Of Michael Jackson (2009)
Pro-Jackson documentary that deals with the 2005 trial. Has a lot of footage of the fan community outside the court case while the trial was going on. The director Pearl Jr. has also made three documentaries how she thinks Michael Jackson faked his death and is still alive. 

Leaving Neverland fanmade rebuttals
Counter-documentaries to Leaving Neverland is already become an industry. Hard to keep up…

Enter Neverland (2019, Director: Hibbeler Production)
The Real Truth Of Leaving Neverland Documentary (2019)
Am I The Beast You Visualized (4 parts) (2019)
Leaving Lies (2019) Director: MJFinland
Leaving Neverland Take 2 (2019)
Leaving Neverland “Full Documentary Exposed with the Truth» (2019)

Notable pro-innocent people

The Michael Jackson Estate
Responsible for Michael Jacksons legacy after he died, and the ones involved with the Wade Robson and James Safechuck lawsuits. They are suing HBO for the Leaving Neverland documentary. Their legal documents against the Robson and Safechuck case are also often sources for Jackson’s defenders. Runs the official Michael Jackson.com.

Tom Mesereau
Michael Jackson’s defense lawyer in the 2005 trial. Some credit him playing a major role in getting Michael Jackson acquitted. By far one of the most influential people on the defense side and has been frequently defending Jackson in several documentaries, fan podcasts and interviews. 

Taj Jackson
Jackson’s nephew, and 1/3 of the r&b/pop-group 3T. Has made it a mission to defend Michael Jackson on behalf of the Jackson family, and is making a crowdfunded documentary where he promises he will prove once and for all all the accusers are lying and Jackson is innocent. 

Charles Thomson
British journalist, perhaps most famous for his article «One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History» about the 2005 trial which has been popular among MJs defenders, but has since also been an ardent defender on several medias, and podcasts defending Jackson and continues to do so vigorously. He also has a twitter account. 

Scott Ross
Was a private investigator for Jackson’s lawyer team in 2005. Has been on a couple of podcasts defending Jackson. Fully believes in Jackson’s innocence. 

Razörfist / Rageaholic
Rocker-type and youtube personality with a big mouth and a reckless confidence in Jacksons innocence. Has made a series of videos defending Jackson that has been quite popular and influential on social media. He is also an active defender of Michael Jackson on twitter.  

The biggest Michael Jackson podcast, and has been running for several years. They tribute Michael Jackson and has several guests on. MJCast has made big specials on the Jackson allegations every 13th of June (the day MJ was acquitted in his trial in 2005) where people like Tom Mesereau, Scott Ross or Charles Thomson has been on. 

King Jordan Radio
While not an exclusive Michael Jackson podcast/radio show they’ve had several shows over the years dedicated to Michael Jackson and the allegations and has had Tom Mesereau, Charles Thomson, Aphrodite Jones, Geraldine Hughes and others covering the allegations from a pro-innocent point of view. 

Aphrodite Jones
Aphrodite Jones has been beloved by the Jackson community for her book «Conspiracy” where she makes an argument Jackson was innocent and framed in the 2005 trial. This book includes a foreword by Tom Mesereau, who also helped promote the book. Aphrodite Jones also made a True Crime Documentary on the allegations. She has been on several interviews, podcasts, etc. 

Mary A. Fischer
Most notable for her popular article «Was Michael Jackson framed?» for GQ magazine which is about the 1993 allegations and she concludes it was extortion. It has been very popular among fans. 

Geraldine Hughes
Geraldine Hughes was a secretary for the first lawyer the Chandlers worked with during the 1993 allegations. She claimed inside information proving the Chandlers wasn’t telling the truth, and wrote about this in her book «Redemption», a book (allegedly) even praised by Michael’s father Joe Jackson. She’s also spoken in public and been on fan podcasts and documentaries. 

Brandi Jackson
Michael Jacksons niece Brandi Jackson got relevant to the Jackson cases because she dated one of the accusers Wade Robson for many years. (Although we are not entirely sure why..)


There’s a lot of books that in one way or the other claims Michael Jackson was innocent. We imagine most fan books and most positive biographies are, but here’s some where the books specifically deals with the allegations.

D. Francis – Michael Jackson Innocent – 28 February 2005 (2013)
Analysis of the the 2005 trial where the author uses court transcripts and documents and her own commentary to explain why Jackson was innocent and acquitted in this trial.

Aphrodite Jones – Conspiracy (2012)
According to Aphrodite Jones herself she went into the trial thinking Jackson was guilty, but had a change of heart through the trial and wrote this book. It deals mostly with the 2005 allegation. Fan favorite.

Michael Jackson – The Book The Media Don’t Want You To Read (2009)

Geraldine Hughes – Redemption (2004)
Geraldine Hughes was temporarily a secretary for Barry Rothman the first lawyer the Chandlers used (before switching to Larry Feldman). In her book she claims she was first hand witness to what she considered an extortion attempt of Michael Jackson. Fan favorite.

Mary Fisher – Was Michael Jackson Framed? (1994)
Not really a book, but a lengthy article originally published in GQ magazine. Another fan favorite.

Fan forums

MJJCommunity – Trials and Tribulations
Michael Jackson reddit
Lipstickalley Michael Jackson

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