Show Me The Proof

Hard evidence would mean video tape, photo or DNA on victims that makes an undeniable case for Jackson’s guilt. We don’t have hard evidence., but this is very rare in any cases of this nature. We present circumstantial evidence, which are what combined makes a convincing case against Jackson’s innocence. We present 10 reasons for you to consider..

1. Multiple accusers over three decades

Terry George (only phone sex), Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia, Gavin Arvizo (and Star Arvizo), Wade Robson, James Safechuck, Jane Doe (anonymous) and Michael Jacobshagen. 

There’s a lot of children who has come forward saying they were sexually molested by Jackson. Number alone doesn’t prove guilt, and every case has to be looked at separately, but it’s still concerning the more people come forward. 

There’s also a lot of similarities between the accusers stories, and they all portray a ‘nice guy molester’ who they first would meet, often by being fans, and given a lot of attention to, long phone calls for hours every day, invitation to come visit Neverland, shopping sprees at Toys R Us on Michael Jackson’s expense or other expensive gifts like houses or cars, followed by seemingly innocent touching, hugs and holding hands. He would always be grooming the parents until they thought was innocent and trustworthy. This would lead to sleepovers in his bed one-on-one, leading to child sexual abuse eventually. 

The abuse would never happen in an aggressive or violent matter like some imagine, but instead with a combination grooming, seduction and slow brainwashing or using guilt to manipulate. Sometimes including alcohol and pornography. Then later scaring and/or grooming the child with several methods to make them never tell what they had done. This would often be a repeating offense. 

Another pattern was with Michael Jackson called his «special friends», meaning his favorites. Michael Jackson would look after his victims, build them up and promise them a career in the future, either in music, dance or the movies.  Sometimes would buy cars, houses or huge checks to families he groomed. With someone like James Safechuck he would cut him off sharply when he got too old. This is a common behavior for child molesters. This is documented to have an immense trauma for victims. 

Jackson would also encourage many children to call him «daddy», and he would refer to them as «son» or “cousin” to indicate they were close in close family. The ones he liked the best he would take on tours with him, with with several witnesses saying these children slept in his bedroom with him in his luxury hotel rooms. He sometimes ordered customized clothes like him. There’s many patterns to the story of his victims that increases the credibility of each individual one. 

2. Paying off children / Settlements

While most people would fight a claim that sexually abused a child like their life dependent on their good name, Jackson was instead known for paying extremely large amounts of money in exchange of the accusers silence. 
The most famous settlement is the one he did in 1993 with the Chandler family, where somewhere between 18 and 20 million dollars was paid in an out of court document in exchange of their silence.

Their son Jordan Chandler was an accuser who not only had spent many weekends visiting Neverland, but someone Jackson had on his lap on an award show in Monaco and even lived with at the mothers house for weeks, sleeping in the bedroom of Jordan. This almost at the peak of his career he was spending most of his time with a 13 year old boy. 
Jordan Chandler would later come forward, and a chaos of a legal battle happened until it resulted in a huge settlement and Jackson leaving the country. 

[The Chandlers settlement was not paid by his insurance company.]

A second settlement would come to Jason Francia, another boy and the son of a maid who worked at Neverland, for reportedly around 4 million dollars. This settlement has been lesser known then the one with the Chandlers. Jason Francia testified in the 2005 trial against Jackson saying Michael did sexually molest him. 
Later accuser Jane Doe showed receipts from many huge checks MJ had sent her over the years, collectively amounting to almost a million dollar which she claimed was in exchange of her silence. Alternative reasons why Michael Jackson would pay that much money to someone would need a surprisingly good.  

[PDF to Michaels letters and huge checks to Jane Doe (1990-1993).]

Beyond that lawyers went through Jackson’s economy after his death and found a strange pattern of Jackson buying houses, cars, gifts or huge checks to families which children he befriended up to 200 million dollars. Giving Jackson the benefit of the doubt these could have been gifts from a most generous man with a lot of wealth – however looking closer at the pattern of Jacksons behavior it does at minimum look suspicious, and at worst it looks like its potentially “hush money”.

3. Michael Jackson admitted to sleeping in bed with many children. 

The rumors, whisperings and innuendo that Michael Jackson had sleepovers at his bedroom with unrelated underage children – typically underage boys – were around for many years even before the first allegations. When he was living at his parents mansion at Hayvenhurst it happened continuously according to guards. On his tours and especially at Neverland many people witnessed observing children stay alone inside his bedroom with him at night. This doesn’t sound great for someone with multiple accusations of child sexual abuse behind him, not least because Jackson continued having children in his room at night long even after the 1993 allegations and warnings he should stop. 

Michael Jackson never denied the claims of sleepovers when confronted but openly admitted to them in several interviews. Most notably in 2003 in the controversial documentary «Living With Michael Jackson». Some people argued he was edited or tricked into saying stuff he didn’t mean because of the director, but he would repeat everything he said on 60 Minutes later. He was even referring to such sleepovers as «very loving» and (absurdly) “what the world needs right now». 

Meanwhile, there was an intricate system of double alarms in the bedroom so Jackson could know if someone came near his lair. James Safechuck, one of his accusers, would claim Jackson thought him to have drills on how fast they could put their clothes on when someone was coming towards the bedroom. 

4. Several witnesses claiming to see him acting inappropriate with children

Many people who worked with or for Michael at Neverland said they saw Michael acting inappropriate with children, which corroborates what his accusers has said. 

Many worked at Neverland and told under police depositions they saw disturbing or inappropriate things and some testified at the 2005 case against Michael Jackson. Most shockingly was guard Ralph Chacon who said he saw Michael Jackson perform oral sex on a boy through a window in a bath/shower house in Neverland. Jacksons defense team usually responded to this by saying it was disgruntled employees and/or claim these things were said for money. Some did sell or try to sell stories to tabloids (who were willing to pay large sums for such stories), others did not, but it all adds up.

Among the witnesses: Bob Jones (PR manager for 32 years), Jolie Levine (assistent), Orietta Murdock (secretary), Mark Quindoy (ranch manager), Blanca Francia (personal maid), Ralph Chacon (guard), Mary Coller (personal assistant), Charlie Michaels (guard), Philippe & Stella LeMarque (butler & cook), Adrian McManus (personal maid), Charmayne Sternberg (administrative assistant), Melanie Bagnall (guard), Kassim Abdool (guard chief) & Myung Ho-Lee (financial manager).

[Document on what witnesses saw]

5. Three of the 12 jurors that acquitted him in 2005 came out later and said they regretted their decision 

One of the biggest reasons there still is a controversy is that Michael Jackson went through a 5-6 month long trial in 2005, but was found not guilty from all charges. Some people read this as he had been “proven innocent», but in reality it just means the jury didn’t find the claims of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Shortly after the verdict some jurors did came out expressing doubt about their verdict and there seemingly had been turmoil and tension in the group of jurors. 

“Get it together you’re a grown man and you need to stop doing these things the jury found you not guilty but that does not mean you are innocent and we know that something is not right at Neverland. Stop hanging around with little boys.» ~ Ray Hultman (Juror #1)

“No doubt in my mind whatsoever, that boy was molested,»  ~ Eleanor Cook (Juror #5)

“It was very hard for me [to vote not guilty] because I believed the boy and I believed that Michael is a child molester.» ~ Katarina Carls (Juror #9)

«I thought that Michael Jackson has molested boys in the past, and probably molested this boy, but as I said, what we believe doesn’t matter… the EVIDENCE has to PROVE IT.» ~ Paul Rodriguez (Juror #2, Jury foreman)

An alternative juror is also on record saying he thought Jackson was guilty. We also have to mention the grand jury who collectively let the case go to trial. 

We are not denying there were jurors who thought he was innocent, and has said in later years they stand by their verdict, like Paulina Cocooz (Juror #10). Other jurors haven’t really been too vocal about their decision. The 2005 trial was far more complex than some people want to portray it as. In reality it seemed to have been very close to a hung jury. 

6. Owning child erotica (and pornography, Suggested by investigators for grooming)

Disclaimer: An article from in 2017 claimed that the police found that Jackson owned actual illegal child pornography went viral, but was very inaccurate. There were two raids at Neverland, both in 1993 and 2003, and illegal child pornography was not found by the police.

However, Mr. Jackson is not off the hook. Both in 1993 and 2003 at Neverland the police found several items that is very concerning to see a grown man who admits he had dozens of children in his bed own and multiple accusations of child abuse on him. Michael Jackson owned many many books with pictures of children. Some of these books had nude or semi-nude children. The two most damning objects are the books “Boys Will Be Boys” (1966) and “The Boy: A Photographic Essay” (1964) by Georges St. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson.

Private investigator Bill Dworin, who had been through hundreds of child molestation over 32 years for LPAD also investigated Jacksons bedroom had this to say about finding “Boys Will Be Boys” in Jackson’s bedroom. 

“One item that we found in a locked filing cabinet was a book showing boys in nude poses. It’s not illegal. It’s a book that I’ve seized in other investigations. If it’s a person who has this material, who has a sexual interest in children, it becomes child erotica.”~ Bill Dworin

Why is it damning? Because these books have been out of print for many decades and are extremely rare. You don’t accidentally have these books for innocent reasons. They’re notorious collectors items for pedophiles, because they are, perhaps strangely, at the end of the day, technically legal. How bad are they though?

“[Boys Will Be Boys] (1966) would probably never make it to the bookshelves today. Indeed, it is astonishing that it ever saw light of day beyond the underground world of sordid publications. This book is a collection of pederastic erotica thinly disguised as a study in photography.” ~ Someone who has seen the content of the book.

“Boys Will Be Boys (1966) would have been, I guess, at least 50% fully naked photos of boys, quite a lot more had boys just in underwear, shorts, swimming trunks, things like that. Or obscured by trees and vegetation. One photo was of a boy basking by a lake wearing speedo type swim trunks and he had an obvious erection. Another photo was of two boys rock climbing taken from below. One boy was lifting his leg showing everything. […] Another photo was a boy looking for something in his tent, only he was totally naked and all you could see was the soles of his feet and his buttocks sticking out of the tent flap. Then there was one of a boy on a rope swing. He had an erection too.” ~ Another person who has seen the content of the book.

“The Boy: A Photographic Essay. (1964) From memory this book wasn’t as explicit as the other one, but still plenty of naked boys. There was a couple of really suggestive ones I remember, one was three boys, two were licking ice creams that were suspiciously penis shaped, another was a boy eating a banana in an unsavoury way.” ~ Comment on the book.

Who made these books? They’re unsurprisingly made by two pedophiles, Georges St. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson, who both were Nelson was jailed later for multiple acts of raping underage boys and Nelson for making even more sexually graphic content later. They both had steady connections to pro-pedophilia organization NAMBLA (North America Man/Boy Love Association). According to rumor both books are recommended to members of the organization as pedophile material you can own legally. Since they’re so rare they’re now collectors items among pedophiles.

Yes. Michael Jackson owned both these books and had them locked up in a filing cabinet in his bedroom. Not only were his fingerprints in them he had even praising personal inscriptions in them.

More information about books at

Michael Jackson also owned tons of hardcore pornography too. A huge suitcase full of pornographic material was found in his bedroom, in a place where children were sleeping over alone regularly. Child molestation experts claim child molesters own a lot of pornography to groom children into getting an interest in sex.

If nothing else the graphic pornographic content he owned should challenge the popular claim the man was just a “stunted” asexual (or castrated) childlike person stuck in an adult body..

[Document of what the police found]

7. Nude photos of children he hung with.

Michael Jackson had one boy who he met under the recordings of Captain EO. This was another boy who became a special friend and had frequent sleepovers with Jackson. He has never claimed any abuse by Jackson, but it still doesn’t sound good. 

Under the 1993 raid the police found a nude photo of this boy in Michael Jacksons bedroom. The maid also claimed to have seen this boys underwear on the floor in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. There was also another nude picture of another boy but the police couldn’t identify who that boy was.

[Document listing the picture of the boy]

8. Jordan Chandler managed to describe Michael Jackson naked according to the police. 

In 1993 after Jordan Chandler had talked to several people about his relationship with Jackson where he said he had been sexually abused for months the police asked Jordan to describe Jackson naked and his genitalia. Jordan did so to the best of his ability. This caused a warrant for the Santa Barbara police to come to Neverland to strip Jackson naked and take photographs. 

Michael Jackson was very humiliated by this experience, and started his life long contempt for D.A. Tom Sneddon came from this. (His song “D.S (Dom Sheldon is cold man)» is widely believed to be about Tom Sneddon.)

The pictures themselves never leaked, so they have never been published anywhere, but according to everyone who saw them at the Santa Barbara Police they matched with Jordans descriptions. They also sped up the development of Michael Jackson ending up paying up 20 million dollars to the Chandlers out of court.

Jordan had said Jackson had a black splotch on one side under his genitalia (which only would be visible whilst having an erection), and that his buttock and testicles had small pink dots. He also had short pubes. This was according to the photos and those who observed them 100% correct and would have been difficult to guess. 

The prosecution in 2005 wanted to use the pictures as evidence, but Tom Mesereau and the defense did all they could to stop it. Ultimately it was difficult to use as evidence due to Jordan Chandler not wanting to testify against Jackson. After the trial the defense wanted the photos delivered back to Michael Jackson so they could be destroyed. It was unsuccessful and the pictures are still locked up in Santa Barbara Police’s storages.

[Did Jordan say Michael Jackson was circumsized?]

9. Analysis of Jackson’s bed having different sperm and blood stains on it. 

When the Santa Barbara investigated the 2003 case they raided Jackson’s bedroom and took Michael Jackson’s mattress from his bed and sent it to forensic analysis. 

Detective for Criminal Investigation Paul Zelia testified in the 2005 trial about what the lab results showed. The results from the lab were wine stains, blood stains and sperm stains from different males (including Michael Jackson). 

To be fair we don’t know who these sperm samples belongs to. It never was identified beyond not belonging to the 2003 accuser. At best” they belong to other adult men sleeping and ejaculating in Jackson’s bed, and that could be an alternative explanation for Jackson’s staunch defenders to work with although that could imply Michael Jackson had male adult lovers, but at worst they may belong to some of the many male children who slept in this bed over the years. 

(As for the blood stains on the mattress its difficult to guess what that is about…)
[Source document]

10. Jordan Chandler interview with psychiatrist

When Jordan Chandler came forward in 1993 he talked to several psychologists, people in the police and social workers, many with years of expertise and experience in the field, and a strong ability to differentiate a false accuser from a real one, and they all reportedly found him believable and credible. 

In 2003 a leaked transcripts of Jordan Chandler’s conversations with his psychiatrist came out, and has been available online. It’s a very strong read. For many reading this was the last straw made them finally decide Jackson was guilty. (The person writing this being one of them)

Read the transcript of the interview here. 

Still not convinced? 10 more reasons..