Most insane thing Michael Jackson fans have said yet?

Michael Jackson’s fans seems to finally have lost their marbles completely. While its not nice to make fun of people with possible mental health issues, but this is still too good not to mention.

After a rough year for Michael Jackson’s fans due to the impact of Leaving Neverland, it’s certainly not uplifting news James Safechuck and Wade Robson might get their lawsuit against Jackson’s companies appealed in 2020. Even worse is the rumors that it might even get televised.

Michael Jackson death was hoaxed

Long time Michael Jackson fan Pearl Jr, who has a relatively popular youtube channel where she discusses almost daily everything Michael Jackson. She is kn.own for making documentaries on Michael Jackson too, one on the trial in 2005, but more notably she has a documentary called “Alive 2”. This is a documentary where she tries to prove Michael Jackson’s death was actually hoaxed. You can rent it on Vimeo. She claims to have spent 7 years investigating this, and if you can believe it, this is actually her third documentary on Jackson still being alive!

Michael Jackson directed Leaving Neverland

It gets much crazier. You thought Dan Reed made a documentary named Leaving Neverland? No, dummy. You were fooled. Fans have a new theory Michael Jackson himself is behind the production of Leaving Neverland! You didn’t see that coming, did you?

Michael Jackson orchestrated everything up the trial, and it’s all part of a bigger plan. There’s a bit of a split in the fan community if Dan Reed, Robson and Safechuck are all in on it, or if they will be just as surprised as us to find out the news.

Michael Jackson will jump out from a cake at the trial and surprise everybody

The theory is then that while the trial shown on TV in front of the whole world, a huge cake will be brought into court, and while people are in great suspense and confused about what is going on, none other than Michael Joseph Jackson will jump out of the cake, shouting “Surprise everybody!”. Everyone will learn he was never dead, and he’ll reveal he was the one directing all the child abuse allegations himself, or something like that. Then everybody will have cake, or something.

Real screenshots from Michael Jackson fans below.

Thanks to Black Cat Mutes Victim Shamers, for the screenshots.

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