10 more reasons

What! Are you still not sure Jackson was guilty of the accusations? Here’s 10 more reasons to chew on.

1. The unconditioned meditators

One of the strangest yet most compelling piece of evidence comes from Jordan Chandler’s interview with his psychiatrist. Here we get a rare glimpse into Jackson’s mind. Jordan says Michael Jackson compared their sexual relationship with «unconditioned» meditators that could levitate from the ground. 

Jordan: “[Michael] would get me to do [sexual] things and convince me that the things he was doing weren’t wrong, because he would talk about people who levitate, you know, it was weird.”
Psychiatrist: “He would talk about people who what?”
Jordan: “Levitate.”
Psychiatrist: “What does levitate mean to you?”
Jordan: “Rise up from the ground by means of meditating.”
Psychiatrist: “And what did he say about levitation?”
Jordan: “That the people who levitate are unconditioned.  It’s confusing; it took me a long time to understand it.”
Psychiatrist: “When you talk about unconditioned, what does that mean?”
Jordan: “That they were not conditioned to believe that gravity existed, and I suppose that that meant that those who are unconditioned would find what Michael was doing was not wrong.»

[Full interview.]

This line is in our opinion too convoluted to be made up. Especially for a child. More damning for Jackson is that it matches quotes by Michael Jackson where its confirmed he actually did believe in the ability to levitate, and that he in other contexts used the unusual labeling of people that some are «conditioned” and some are «unconditioned”. 

Michael told Ebony Magazine: 
«I really felt that I was E.T, and it was because his story is my story in some ways. He’s in a strange place and wants to be accepted, which is a situation I’ve found myself in many times. He’s most comfortable with children, and I have a great love of kids. He gives love, and wants love in return, which is me.”

“I can identify with [E.T having the secret ability to fly up from the ground]. I also believe that a human being can fly. We just don’t know how to think the right things and levitate ourselves off the ground.”

In one biography Michael Jackson allegedly told Elizabeth Taylor that he was even studying to learn levitation with two gurus: “We can fly, you know. We just don’t think the right thoughts to levitate ourselves. I’m studying with these two gurus.”

Michael Jackson’s fascination with the character Peter Pan who had a secret ability to levitate and fly should also be mentioned in this context. Michael Jackson told Martin Bashir in his documentary he was “Peter Pan in his heart”, and of course he named his whole ranch Neverland, and for a while was even considered play Peter Pan in a Steven Spielberg movie. (This movie would evolve into “Hook” and be played by Robin Williams instead.)

As for the saying that some people are «conditioned» while others free and «unconditioned» are terms Michael Jackson has used in other contexts, which adds credibility to Jordan’s story:

“The innocence of children represents to me the source of infinite creativity. That is the potential of every human being. But by the time you are an adult, you’re conditioned; you’re so conditioned by the things about you — and it goes.»  ~ Michael JacksonEbony/Jet interview, 2002

“Kids go, “Oh my God, it’s Michael Jackson.” And I go, “Hi.” An adult will smile and go, “Hi.” Then, judging it a little bit, they go, “I like your stuff”, but they won’t let it all come out. (They won’t let themselves appear impressed.) (…) They are having a psychological walfare going on, how to approach me, what to say, what not to say. Just be yourself, be like a child. Be innocent. Be the way you were when you were born. You can put the message out there. We will change a lot of people (to be more childlike). We will literally and mentally baptize them with our words and our books, whatever we are doing. But there are so many out there who have shut the door mentally and they don’t want to be changed and they refuse to see the light. But we could help a lot of people, a lot of them are just very, very hard. They have been so conditioned.» ~ Michael Jackson in conversations with Rabbi Schmuley Boteach

2. La Toya (in the early 90s)

In the early 90s Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya gave several interviews outing her brother as a child molester, saying he had sleepovers with little boys who spent days and nights inside his room. She said he paid parents huge checks (which she said had made mother Kathrine very upset) and even confirming when asked directly if she thought he was a pedophile.

She said she came forward because while she loved her brother she also refused to be a silent collaborator for his crimes, as she identified as a child sexual victim herself and knew the lasting effects. (Another shocking statement was that she and one of her sisters were sexually abused by her father Joseph.) The interviews speak for themselves. She travelled to Israel to announce this because she was afraid of her safety.

This is damning in the light of the numerous accusations where most of them came after her statements. She was not just talking about Jordan Chandler here, but several children. She also wrote a book «The Controversial Exposé Of The Life In The Jackson Family» (1996), where she would air more dark secrets about the family.

La Toya’s later change of story
However, this period is often disputed because La Toya later retracted all her statements, both that her father sexually abused her and the claims she thought Michael Jackson was a pedophile and a child molester.

The explanation was that she was coerced by her husband Jack Gordon, who she claimed controlled, beat her up and forced her to make those statements about Michael Jackson and her father Joe (as well as things like posing nude for Playboy). La Toya had been estranged with her family while she made these statements about her family. She said she successfully fled from Jack Gordon and re-established her contact with her parents, Michael and the rest of the family. After coming home she would publicly state she thought Michael Jackson was innocent from the child molestation allegations. She was also present many days at the 2005 trial in support of Jackson with the rest of her family.  

This has naturally made a big confusion. Was she lying first because she was coerced by her husband, or did she perhaps retract her statements after becoming friends again with her family including Michael (possibly because they wanted her to)?

Not surprisingly those who think Michael Jackson was guilty thinks her first statements was the honest La Toya, and those who think Michael Jackson was innocent believes she was telling the truth when she reconciled with her family and got away from Jack Gordon. Whatever you think the fact remains an odd coincidence that the exact same allegations were the ones that would chase Michael Jackson so much later. 

Our position is that Gordon might have played a role in pushing her into the public spotlight at the time to talk about it, possible even as part of promotion for her album or work, and its possible he really was as abusive as La Toya claims, however her statements about her brother probably was honest. We believe she was asked to publicly retracted her statements when getting back to her family. She perhaps was dependent on in many ways, and after re-establishing her contact with her brother. Many things La Toya said would later be confirmed by more people. She even mentioned later accuser James Safechuck at one point. This was 1993, and James Safechuck came forward in 2014.

(Video below from 4:18)

What does La Toya say today ?
After Leaving Neverland she was asked again in a documentary by Channel 7 Australia, but says she refuses to talk about those things anymore. Timestamped 56:48

3. Bob Jones and Conrad Murray

These two moments by two people once very close to Jackson may not be conclusive, but certainly has some power to make one pause. 

Bob Jones was PR manager for Michael Jackson for 17 years, and in the documentary «What Really Happened» (2007) he was asked about the sleepovers in Monaco at the Video Music Award show, where Jordan says the sexual abuse happened while her mother and sister were sent out with credit cards for shopping. While not alleging anything vocally Bob Jones body language isn’t too subtle what he think probably happened in there. Bob Jones book “The Man Behind The Mask: The Insiders Story Of The King Of Pop (2005)» revealed many other quite dark secrets about Michael Jackson. 

Conrad Murray, while not exactly the most beloved person by the fan community, has made a lot of supportive statements about Michael Jackson trying to clear his name and what happened when Michael Jackson died. Murray said he “loved Michael Jackson” and claimed was one of his absolute closest friends in the last period of Jackson’s life. 

In an interview on 60 Minutes a curious moment happens when Murray gives a very ambiguous comment about Jackson having a “huge dark shadow” and perhaps not being a «perfect man». The female journalist latches on to this directly if he thinks there’s anything to the rumor Jackson was a pedophile. Conrad seems to have been quite caught off guard with the question but the way he responds, well, see for yourself… 

4. Body language experts believes Wade Robson and James Safechuck

Dr. Lilian Glass, is a professional body language expert. Her testimony is she believes Wade was telling the truth in 2013 when he came out on Matt Lauer show, and that Wade was visibly lying in the previous commentaries when defending Jackson previous years. 

Lillian Glass also reacted strongly to an interview with Michael Jacksons bodyguards when they were asked about if they thought Jackson was a pedophile. 

“There was one area where they were clearly uncomfortable and it showed in their body language. It was when they were discussing  their views on Michael’s alleged pedophilia. Their body language showed that they  over compensated by giving way to much information. They were asked if Michael was a pedophile. Then bodyguard  Bill Whitfield  says that he’s a man and he knows that Michael is interested in women just like he is. You can see his facial expression change as he looks away and his forehead get’s furrowed. He also pulls his head back and there is a shoulder shrug. This indicates signals of discomfort. Mike Garcia also shows signals of discomfort when the “pedophilia” question comes up. He shakes his leg indicating “I want to get out of here.” The three gave way too much information as Bill speaks about curtains in the limousine being  drawn in the back of a limo, and sucking noises being made. To say this was inappropriate on their behalf is an understatement. The question was about pedophilia. All they needed to say was they didn’t witness any acts of pedophilia or that it was their opinion that Michael wasn’t a pedophile. But their going off on a tangent and talking about Michael’s girlfriends was a red flag.  One had nothing to do with another.»

Body Language expert from Body Language Institute Janine Driver believes James Safechuck based on her reading. 

Disclaimer: To be fair the fans and defenders of Michael Jackson have their own body language “experts” who might say the opposite things about Wade and James… but you have to look for these yourself.

5. Michael Jackson gave alcohol to children and called white wine “Jesus Juice”

The world would turn its head in 2003 when Gavin Arvizo explained what happened with him, leading up to the 2005 trial. He said he as a 13 year old boy was served wine and other alcohol by Michael Jackson. The first times in Coca Cola cans in Miami and subsequently on a plane over to Neverland. Why in Cola cans? The claim is Michael Jackson tried to hide from other adults around that he was giving wine to children. 

Gavin said Jackson told him the white wine was «Jesus Juice». Red wine was called “Jesus Blood”. Gavin said he was told Jesus drank wine so therefore its okay to drink it and that it would relax him.

Gavin’s statements have been backed up by other people. Myung-Ho Lee, Jackson’s financial adviser in the late 1990s. Lee confirmed Jackson referred to white wine as “Jesus Juice” and red wine “Jesus Blood”. Even in a book meant to defend Michael Jackson by Frank Cascio, Frank admits Jackson referred to wine as Jesus Juice and Jesus Blood, so there’s little doubt thats what Michael Jackson called it. Lee also said he had seen Michael Jackson give alcohol to children.

Kiki Fournier A maid who worked at Neverland for a period also backed up that Michael would give alcohol to children. At the 2005 trial would testify she Jackson would encourage children to have no rules at Neverland (which there’s endless sources backing up), and she had seen episodes where she saw children appearing intoxicated. She infamously coined Neverland term «Pinocchios pleasure heaven».

“With the absence of authority figures, these children became wild,” Fournier said. Jackson’s child guests were allowed to watch movies, eat as much candy as they liked and stay up as late as they wanted. Fournier also said that on three or four occasions, she saw children she believed were intoxicated in Jackson’s presence.

Christopher Carter was a bodyguard of Jackson and testified at the Grand Jury in 2003. He said he witnessed Michael also confirmed Jackson called it Jesus Juice. He said Jackson often explained it like «Jesus drank wine so we shall be more like Jesus». Carter he saw Gavin holding the Coca Cola can Michael had given it. He also testified finding children in the bedroom with a wine glass each in front of them. At one point he had seen Gavin drunk at Neverland he say he shouldn’t drink, but Gavin had told him Michael said he could handle it and “it was part of being a man”. Carter also said there were other occasions where he saw children drinking around Michael Jackson as well. 

Marc Schaffel was a video producer working for Michael Jackson, and an unindicted co-conspirator of the Arvizo family. In an interview even he admitted he had seen Michael Jackson give alcohol to children. 

Question: So you’ve seen him give alcohol to children?
Marc Schaffel: I’ve seen situations where there was alcohol, yeah.

6. Gavin and Star being shown pornography by Jackson proven by forensic reports and fingerprints 

When Gavin Arvizo and Star Arvizo disclosed their story to the police in 2003 they said while in Michael Jackson’s bedroom he had pulled out a black suitcase full of pornographic magazines and other pornographic material. Michael had supposedly told them to look through them. 

Why would Michael Jackson want children to look at pornographic magazines? This is what is typically called «grooming”. When a pedophile wants to peak the interest of their targeted victim to sexuality pornography is often used, and is another step leading to potential sexual abuse later. 

The police raided Neverland later the same year they did find a black suitcase full of pornographic magazines exactly like the boys had described. It also had the same content they had described. Now the real test was if the police could prove Gavin and Star’s fingerprints were on them. 

A very large forensic investigation where they sent the magazines to see if they could find fingerprints and DNA from Gavin and Star. When the reports came back it had the boys fingerprints as well as Michael Jackson’s. This adds to the credibility of Gavin and Star’s story, and does not look too good for Michael Jackson…

[Did Star identify an issue of Barely Legal that didn’t exist yet?]

7. Restricted bedroom with double high tech alarm system

Contrary to what many Michael Jackson defenders will tell you Michael Jacksons bedroom, where he often had children staying over alone, was not an open area where anyone could come and go as they liked, and certainly not a “gathering place for friends and family”. For the most part it was always a quite restricted and guarded area. 

Interestingly, for a huge ranch already guarded with a security gate and several guards patrolling 24/7 Jackson felt he needed extra protection for his bedroom. He installed an elaborate alarm systems that would go off whenever someone was entering the long corridor to his bedroom, and he had yet another alarm for the stairs leading up to his bed. This is needless to say quite suspicious when you’re talking about a person who constantly had children sleeping alone with him in his bed and accused multiple times for child sexual abuse. Accuser James Safechuck says in his complaint Michael Jackson would teach him drills to dress up when the alarm went off as it meant someone was coming towards the room. 

Most staff was not allowed to go in there. Only one single maid was personally picked if he felt he could trust her was allowed to come in and clean his room, and often she was told it wasn’t needed. Blanca Francia and Adrian McManus were examples of such rare maids. Both Francia and McManus would later claim they saw Michael Jackson sexually molest children. 

Could an alarm system like that have an alternative explanation? Possibly! Perhaps he was afraid of someone breaking into his house at night. Some stalker, a burglar perhaps? Thats a possibility, but wouldn’t it make more sense in that case to put the alarms on the outside of the house and not the outside of his bedroom?

8. Anthony Pellicano turning on Michael Jackson

Anthony Pellicano is one of the most intriguing people in the Michael Jackson saga, and one that could put the last nail in this controversy once and for all. 

Who was he? Anthony Pellicano was like a real life mafia character – like a character out of the Godfather. He was hired to protect (and some would perhaps say cover up for) Michael Jackson from the Chandlers allegations of child abuse in 1993. He was originally recommended by his friend Elizabeth Taylor who used him to «get rid of», silence people and hide any rumors she had a drug addiction. Pellicano didn’t play by the law, but he was very good at what he did. He had a box full of tricks up his sleeve. He could bug phones and tape conversations, «straighten people up” or blackmail people if necessary,” or make someone’s “lives miserable» (as he put it) if they didn’t do what was in his clients best interests. 

When he started working for Michael Jackson he worked as the muscle of Bert Fields, a very famous lawyer in Hollywood who was supposed to be presenting Jackson if a criminal trial came up. Anthony Pellicano made sure people who worked at Neverland kept quiet if they ever saw anything, and he was also the one responsible for recording and editing up soundbites to make Evan Chandler sound like he was extorting Michael Jackson for money (which defenders of Michael Jackson still use, seemingly oblivious to its origins). Officially Pellicano was Jackson’s biggest ally, protector and one Michael Jackson fans to this day lean their theories on. 

Anthony Pellicano would at one point suddenly quit working for Michael Jackson, but would later to go jail. He was caught owning illegal weapons he supposedly had bought for a client. Pellicano had to serve many years, and just very recently has been released. Does he still protect Michael Jackson? No, he claims he quit his job for Jackson because he found it indefensible. He claims he has boxes of evidence showing Michael was a serial sex child predator, but has yet to reveal his full story despite large sums of money offered by several media outlets. 

If that wasn’t enough he made a very mystical comment people are still debating what he meant by.

«I quit because I found some truths. He did something far worse to young boys than molest them.”

9. «Speechless» from Invincible (2001)

Michael Jackson’s last album (if not counting the post-death releases) was Invincible released in 2001. 

One of the most celebrated songs on the album is the ballad called “Speechless”. Anyone who has heard this song (or just read the lyrics) would classify this is a romantic love song.
It includes lines like: 

I am speechless, speechless.
That’s how you make me feel
Though I’m with you I am far away
And nothing is for real

I’ll go anywhere and do anything just to touch your face.
It ends with
«In your presence I am lost for words. Words like, “I love you.”

[Links to full lyrics here]

Michael Jackson would astonishingly in interviews reveal who he wrote this overtly romantic song for. 

“There are these two sweet little kids, a girl and a boy, and they’re so innocent; they’re the quintessential form of innocence, and just being in their presence I felt completely speechless, ’cause I felt I was looking in the face of God whenever I saw them. They inspired me to write Speechless.» ~ Michael Jackson

So, this couldn’t be clearer: One of Jacksons most romantic songs he ever made was by his own words was inspired by “two sweet little kids» whom he saw the “face of God” in.  

10. Pedophile’s often compares children to something godly or spiritual just like Michael Jackson did.

One final way of concluding if Michael Jackson was a pedophile is to look at how well he compares to how other pedophile’s behave and describe children. 

Lets look at some sources:

«Pedophiles refers to children using words such as “Clean,” “Pure,” “Innocent,” “Impish,” or as Objects. Pedophiles sometimes have an idealistic view of children that is expressed in their language and writing. Others sometimes refer to children as if they were objects, projects, or possessions.» 

Source: Ken Lanning, Child Molestation – A Behavioral Analysis 

Two things to understand about pedophiles:
1. When a pedophile “objectifies” a child it means the pedophile is not describing the child as the person they are, but instead talks about the child in a plural and only talks about it in a context of “childhood”, “boyhood”, etc. 
2. Look out for someone talking about children in a religious or spiritual way, talking about them like angels or glorifying their perceived «innocence» or «purity”. (Which is what a pedophile typically is attracted by.)

Lets now look at some quotes by Michael Jackson when he is talking about children:

“When I see children, I see the face of God. That’s why I love them so much. That’s what I see.»Michael Jackson

“I think God outdid Himself when He created children.»Michael Jackson

“In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love. If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way.” Michael Jackson

“I think children know a lot that we haven’t come yet to understand. They are the universe. They really are. Most people don’t get it.»Michael Jackson

“I’m trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all.” ~ Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey interview 1993

“I’ve always been totally crazy about children. I feel that they are more than just children; that they are all little geniuses and that they have a secret all of their own. A secret that they cannot always express. I studied child psychology because of my love for children – all over the world.” ~ Michael Jackson in a 1979 “Blues and Soul” Magazine interview

“Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone.” ~ Michael Jackson

“Not the stars, not the farthest solar systems, not the millions of different species of animal life, but the child is the greatest of God’s creations.» ~ Michael Jackson

“I see God in the face of children. If there were no children on this Earth, if somebody announced that all kids are dead, I would jump off the balcony immediately. I’m done.» ~ Michael Jackson